Haemi seems to the be the more quiet and caring out of all three girls. Wanting her friends to be safe more than anything else. She is known to have pink hair which is tied up with a headband. She also has pink eyes which seems to be her colour through out the series. She is paired up with the alien counter part Zef.

Haemi shows her sensitive side when finding a puppy in an allyway healing it with her powers, she is bit making her friends Jeanie and Chaney worry but Haemi is more concerned about the dog which is later turned into a good friend of Haemi's. She is known to be a worried kind of person, this being showed in the first episode when she is scared of using the spell. Resulting in her friends snapping at her for a moment but still she always wears a smile and helping people where ever she can.

She uses a lot of love kind of powers whilst in her transformation, an attribution to the pink.

Original voice: 은영선 (한국어) December 4, 2006

English voice: Sunday Muse (English) April 8, 2007

Japanese voice: 山本麻里安 (日本語) August 10, 2007

French voice: Fily Keita (Français) June 20, 2008

Spanish voice: Jessica Toledo (Español) September 10, 2008

Italian voice: Laura Amadei (Italiano) December 20, 2008